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Clarinet Lessons Frankston


The clarinet is a type of woodwind instrument that has a single-reed mouthpiece, a straight cylindrical tube with an approximately cylindrical bore, and a flaring bell. A person who plays the clarinet is called a clarinetist or clarinettist. The word clarinet may have entered the English language via the French clarinette (the feminine diminutive of Old French clarin or clarion), or from Provençal clarin, "oboe".[1] It "is plainly a diminutive of clarino, the Italian for trumpet", and the Italian clarinetto is the source of the name in many other languages. According to Johann Gottfried Walther, writing in 1732, the reason for the name was that "it sounded from far off not unlike a trumpet". This may indicate its strident quality in the upper register, although in the low register it was "feeble and buzzing". The English form clarinet is found as early as 1733, and the now-archaic clarionet appears from 1784 until the early years of the 20th century

Guitar Village School of Music offers Clarinet lessons

Tuesday and Thursday 4pm till 9pm. 

Call the School to make a booking on 9781-5984 or 9781-3160 

Or fill out the lesson enquiry form below.

See Below for a list of Teachers


Sebastian After playing the saxophone for 10 years, Sebastian is eager to pass down his musical knowledge to new students. Sebastian also teaches Clarinet, Flute and Piano Sebastian studied Jazz improvisation, Big Band music, and composition at The James Morrison Academy of Music in Mount Gambier, South Australia. He was able to be tutored by some of the best jazz musicians both in the country and internationally. During this time, he had the opportunity to perform with many such as The Voice runner-up, Darren Percival, and, of course, James Morrison himself. Although Sebastian is primarily trained in jazz, he is also proficient in other genres such as Blues, Rock, Pop, and Classical. Sebastian is currently the saxophonist in The Chris Commerford Band and Club 54 Band. . 
Guitar Village School of Music offers lessons in Clarinet at our Frankston Location on the Mornington 


Harley Harley Harley Teaches Guitar, Bass Ukulele, Piano, Saxophone (Alto), Clarinet. An experienced musician with a Bachelor of Music: majoring on Guitar. He is a multi-instrumentalist with 15 years of experience, playing with a plethora of bands from across many genres from Hard Rock, Jazz to Swing.